Rumah Buah: Foraging in Concrete Jungle of Alam Sutera

A huge sign “Rumah Buah” is prominent in the building. Are you looking for fruits? From streetfood to mansions, everything is available in the bustling concrete jungle of Alam Sutera. Or I’d rather say, “jungly city” since giant Saman trees are always eager to greet you in the streets. Nevertheless, you won’t find durian trees hovering about, ready to drop its spiky fruits on top of your vehicle. Oil the tires of your shopping cart, we’re going off on a foraging season!

Assortment of tropical fruits, can be found in Rumah Buah

Right in the front of Rumah Buah Alam Sutera, you see various inscriptions. Casa de frutas, Maison des fruits, and more. When you enter, a wide expanse of fruits ready to greet. From the pungent cempedak, fresh plums, to majestic mangosteens. The selection of fruits is very wide, from tropical to temperate fruits like nectarines and plums. Recently, farmers and gardening enthusiasts began growing figs. So, they are available as well here.

Afterwards, a familiar smell hits your nose. It turns out to be a durian season. A very wide selection of durians presents itself in front of you. Such as Musang King, Monthong, and some local durians as well. Don’t worry about picking the wrong fruit! As in everywhere else, the durian master is ready to the rescue! You just simply ask him/her to pick out the “best fruit” and he will gladly open up one for free. Also, you can always sample it as well, usually.

Durian, the King of Fruits, a staple of Rumah Buah

Just a little walk from the durian section, you see a huge installation. What could these be? Maybe you have thought of building your own business before, if not today then someday. Perhaps, more than once, the thought of building a grocery store crosses your mind. Yet a terrifying spectre haunts that prospect. How do I sell all of these fresh produces before signs of putrefaction? Rumah Buah has the solution!

The Juice Corner of Rumah Buah

Worry no more! As evident, you can always mitigate the risks by making tasty juices out of them! You can find everything! This includes sour strawberries, guava, soursop, and many more in Rumah Buah. For those of you, who are a little bit anxious about healthy living, it’s a boon! The purplish deep red color of dragonfruit is usually always available. But it is far from the only color present, especially when mango is in season.

A juice of dragon fruit, available most of the time in Rumah Buah

Imported Goods Section

Far from being merely a vitamin store or a place to help you plan your dinner, there are more to be discovered in Rumah Buah! In other words, more than just fruits! Right in the corner, an assortment of breakfast cereals is available. With these, you can get a bit taste of the globe. As they come from many places, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, United Kingdom, and many more! Walk a little bit and you’ll find selection of teas as well as other hot beverages, from malt, coffee to “cereal-beverages”. Across the room, you might want to move over there to plan the night! Assortment of chips, biscuits, and many more may become your friend for the night!

Rumah Buah Alam Sutera is definitely a good choice if you want to go gourmet and a little bit creative!

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