6 Interesting Applications for Shipping Containers

shipping containers
Industrial port and container yard

Shipping containers are versatile products that have a long life span. They are made from durable steel construction to ensure they can handle the harshest sea and land environments. Shipping container can also be used for building a house like prefabhouse.

From an outsider’s point of view, a shipping container may resemble a rusty box that is used by commercial industries to move high volumes of cargo quickly and efficiently. However, in today’s creative world, the uses for a shipping container are endless.

Shipping containers for sale can come in a range of conditions that each of them serves its own purpose. They can be new, used, or scrap. New shipping containers are generally used for high-end applications where clients request the best condition and the longest life for their products. Used shipping containers can be refurbished to an “as new” condition or can remain in their current condition to give the “rustic look”. Scrap shipping containers can be used for spare parts or repair into a usable product.

Below are the 6 most common shipping container applications.

Archive Storage

If you have a lot of files piling up in your office or home, shipping containers are an excellent solution. You can free up space and make more room for other activities by using these containers for file storage.

Furthermore, you do not need to be concerned if a 20′ container is too big. There are smaller shipping containers for sale that are also available, such as those measuring 6′, 8’, and 10′. Similar to our other containers, they are also weather resistant and have a secure locking system.

Storage for Valuable Collection

Shipping containers can be converted into a private studio or an art gallery for people who enjoy collecting paintings or other works of art. You can pick the style of the door, add windows,  and even customize the interior to your preferences.

You don’t have to worry about security for your valuable collection when using a shipping container for storage. Shipping containers are generally in a good condition and water and wind resistant. Also, they are fitted with a reliable locking system.

Patio Shed (Garden Warehouse)

A garden shed is necessary for storing gardening equipment and supplies if you have a yard to take care of. Since garden sheds are typically made of wood, they are vulnerable to weather.

Shipping containers can be a good alternative for a garden shed because they are simple to maintain. Meanwhile, in smaller backyards, shipping containers like 6’, 8’, and 10’ will save space. Additionally, they are sturdy and durable. Due to their benefits, many homeowners are currently using them for garden storage.

Building Extension

Occasionally some buildings like office buildings, schools, and hospitals need additional space. To address this issue quickly and cost-effectively, shipping containers that are easy to install can be used to make building extensions.

Swimming Pool

A shipping container pool is approximately the dimensions of a typical parking space. This type of pool is particularly appealing, especially given how simple it is to transport and install.

One of the key factors contributing to this pool’s popularity is its elegant and contemporary design. The costs associated with building a swimming pool can be eliminated if the pool is an above-ground shipping container because it is more economical and less time-consuming to install.


Shipping container farming is the perfect framework for an eco-friendly business model using cutting-edge farming technology that is more eco-conscious than traditional farming techniques. Intermodal container is the provider for every industry like farming, defence, removalist, and agriculture.

There are two existing farming methods in shipping containers: aeroponic and hydroponic. Furthermore, as opposed to conventional farming techniques, vertical farming makes it simpler to develop a business due to its modular and scalable architecture that saves space and can be installed in practically any place.

Both urban and rural environments are conducive to shipping container farming. A shipping container farm provides a benefit for newly established businesses and communities because it allows continuous harvesting time. It is a simple method to integrate ethical operations, educational content, and public participation.

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