5 Ultimate Guides to Choose Used Shipping Containers

Choose the Right Used Shipping Containers Sizes

Before deciding which type of used shipping containers to buy, it’s a good idea to consider your needs. There are several sizes of shipping containers on the market today, including 20′, 20′ HC, 40′, and 40′ HC. Opt for the size that can best accommodate the payload. 

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Buy From a Credible Party

Although buying used shipping containers is not as expensive as new ones, make sure to buy them at a reasonable price. The two main considerations to take into account are the reasonable price of used shipping containers and the reputation of the party selling the products.

Proper Inspection of Used Shipping Containers

It is incredibly important to inspect used shipping container to ensure that they are in proper condition. It is far better, if inspections are carried out directly rather than through intermediaries or worse do not check at all; as it will lead to unintended mishaps in the future.

There are several ways to make sure the condition of used shipping container, for example by checking whether there is a hole in the container by checking it directly; also ascertain the door of the container is functioning properly.

If there is an indication that there is a hole in the used shipping container, the light will be visible. Also, make sure that the door and locking system is still working properly before using it. Another thing that is no less important is to ensure that there are no dents on the roof that serves to hold water because if there are, it leads to rust emerging on the surface. 

Opt for Reliable and Modifable Features

In choosing used shipping container, you should also make sure if the unit can be modified or repainted. This is important so you can choose the containers that suit your needs.

As long as repairs are carried out properly, it will reduce expenses on maintenance costs in the long run. Or if in the future you have a plan to resell used shipping containers, at least they are still in decent condition and have a selling value that is not too low.

In addition, painting the outside of used shipping containers will also reduce the possibility of rust or cover rust stains; and does not make the condition worse. Rust on the outside of the container can actually still be overcome by using a rust converter, but oftentimes the part that is experiencing rust is not visible to the eye until the stain seeps into the paint during the repainting process.

Used shipping containers with a large size and weight are harder to handle. Therefore, these containers must be loaded and unloaded using assistive devices such as a forklift or crane to ensure safety during the loading process and shipping.

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Consider the Function of Used Shipping Containers

The quality of the used shipping containers greatly depends on what the container is intended to be used for. In general, the quality of used containers is divided into 3 grades, namely grades A, B, and C. For grade A, it means that the shipping container is used in excellent condition, this causes the price to be more expensive than the other two grades.

As for used shipping containers grade B, you will usually find some dents on the outside. However, despite the minor imperfections, the grade B unit is still suitable for transporting payloads in a long-distance. The price of a used shipping container grade B  will not be as expensive as grade A because the condition is not as great as grade A.

If the used shipping containers for sale are only used as a regular storage warehouse or converted as a workspace, then a used shipping container grade C can be used as an option. There will be some scratches and imperfections on the internal parts and may be in not good condition. However, the price of this unit is also the cheapest of the other two types.

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