From Zero to Expert: An Inspirational Story of Learning Digital Marketing at Purwadhika School

Digital Marketing

My learning experience at Purwadhika Digital Technology School has been an unforgettable journey. From the outset, my strong passion for marketing found the perfect platform to flourish in this school.

Entering the digital marketing class, I was enthusiastic about delving into concepts such as market research, branding & content marketing, and various digital marketing techniques. From the fundamentals of online marketing strategies to the latest practices in search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management, each lesson at Purwadhika ignited my spirit to explore deeper.

Throughout my learning period, engaging in challenging yet satisfying projects became a norm. From crafting Google Ads, Meta Ads campaigns to developing content strategies for social media, each task provided an opportunity to hone my practical skills and apply them in real-world contexts.

Purwadhika’s interactive learning approach and comprehensive facilities further supported my development. I learned not only from experienced instructors but also from diverse classmates with backgrounds ranging from entrepreneurs to even doctors.

As the time came to face exams and complete the final project, I felt confident, thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired during my study period. Finally, upon the release of grades, an overwhelming sense of satisfaction enveloped me as I saw that my hard work had paid off, and I graduated with commendable results.

Purwadhika Digital Technology School was more than just an educational institution for me; it became the place where my passion for marketing flourished and strengthened. I am grateful for this valuable experience, and I am confident that the foundation I built at Purwadhika will be a valuable asset in navigating a career in the world of marketing.

For those in need of a skilled and certified digital marketer or marketer for their company or business, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn: Riandra Ghazyllah.

And if you are interested in studying at Purwadhika, the school offers various flagship programs. Here are some program options that might suit your needs:

1. Job Connector Bootcamp

Ready to take on challenges and pursue success in the digital world? Join the Job Connector Bootcamp! You’ll not only solve the puzzle of digital skills but also open doors to job opportunities through over 1000+ hiring partners of Purwadhika across Asia. Whether it’s full time, freelance, remote, or project-based, your first step toward a bright career begins here!

2. Skill Accelerator Bootcamp

Want to sharpen your digital skills? The Skill Accelerator Bootcamp is the answer! Through this program, you can master digital skills according to current industry demands. It’s not just about learning; it’s about mastering genuinely useful skills.

3. Purwadhika College

A place of learning that not only promises but is committed to providing higher education with international standards. By offering world-class degrees from universities in Germany, Purwadhika College aims to create creative and entrepreneurial leaders for the future. This is where your innovative and global potential is forged.

4. Digital Talent Incubator

A place where learning digital skills is not only beneficial but also free of charge! Digital Marketing, Data Science, and Full Stack Web Development are just a few of the many skills you can master. And after completing this program, you’ll be guided to pursue a career with overseas companies. Progress your potential, now more freely!

5. Corporate Training

Digital transformation for companies becomes easier with Corporate Training from Purwadhika. This training program is tailored to enhance team skills according to the company’s needs. Take a step forward toward digital success with Purwadhika!

For those interested, you can get a 5% tuition fee discount and other promotions. Just use my referral code: GHAZYLLARD8007. Let’s together achieve success in the digital world!

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