Does SEO Matter for a Small Business ?

SEO is important for a small business in 2022. Are you a small business owner ? or you want to build a small business, but you do not know, how to increase your brand awareness or to gain your business. Have you thought about why SEO is really important for your business.

Millions of people out there are nowadays using Google to find products or services on Google. There is a term today, people are like saying “just google it” . According to Internet Live Stats over 6 billion Google searches are performed per day or 2.19 trillion searches per year and according to SEMrush Google is the most visited website in 2021 and has about 1.42 billion visitors in 2021.

So if you are not using SEO to optimize your website or your business. It means, you are letting your customers gone to your competitors.

What is SEO ?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization or practices of increasing the quantity or quality of traffic to a digital asset through organic search engine results. In other words you must use several strategies in your website’s content to help potential customers find you in internet. SEO is proved as the best and effective way to stick to the potential customers and to increase your website’s ranking in search engine results (SERP). Google and the other search engine have so many factors to rank a website on SERP.

Increase brand awareness

Now you know why SEO is important for your brand. Being visible in internet can bring more benefits. You can get more customers and make your brand famous. Espescially if your brand is on the front page on SERP, it also could increase trust  for the customers to your brand. Do you know why customers buy a product ? it is because the product is familiar. There are many brands having benefits by being on the front page on search engine. They receive many traffic to their websites.

So, SEO can make your brand or your website more visible on the search engine. You can get organic traffic just by optimzing your website’s content.

SEO can help you receive lifelong customers

Do you believe that SEO can get you lifelong costumers? How does it work ? there are some factors you should know about it. The most important factors in SEO are content, backlink, and page experience. One of the factors is improving the (UX) user experience. The search engine are always updating their algorithms. So you always have to keep up the changes. To make customers stay engaged you must creating interesting, quality and useful content as your SEO campaign. If you are a small business owner, you should provide a good user experience through your website. Google uses (UX) user experience as one of the factors to rank a website in the SERPs. By improving and providing good (UX) user experience you can make your customers happier. It can be an opportunity for your bran to receive lifelong customers.

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