6 Most-Acknowledged Terms in Shipping Containers

shipping containers

People who import or export commodities with shipping containers for sale should keep track of all the pertinent terms, notably their obligations and duties as an importer. There are many prevailing procedures and rules to ensure the safe delivery of items to their final destination.

You may minimize errors and improve your knowledge of the supply chain by comprehending these words and concepts used in freight forwarding.

6 Most-Acknowledged Terms in Shipping Containers

Beneficial Cargo Owner (BCO)

An importer is called a BCO if they take possession of their shipments at the port of entry without using a third-party source, such as a freight forwarder or Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC).

BCOs are often large businesses that frequently import commodities; as a result, they have an internal department for import operations.

shipping containers

Demurrage and detention

When you don’t pick up your imported containers on schedule, container lines urge the customers to pay a demurrage charge. Following discharge, there is a free period for storing your containers in the port that is provided by the container line.

Containers should be picked up before the free period ends. If this occurs, you will be charged each day when your containers are left in the port. Detention, on the other hand, refers to the fee payable to merchants because they still using the container after the free day time has passed. The free days are usually from 3 to 5 days after the containers have been dispatched from the cargo vessel.

Full Container Load (FCL) & Less than Container Load (LCL)

full containers load or FCL is when the payload occupies the entire space of the container. In this instance, the all contents of the container are the shipper’s property, and it is not shared with other owner’s payloads. Since the container just includes your items, FCL has a lesser risk of damaged goods.

For small or midsize enterprises who don’t have particularly significant goods quantities yet can’t afford to miss delivery deadlines, LCL is generally advantageous. As the goods are sent at cheaper rates.

Thus, it enables savings on freight expenditures. Additionally, LCL is an environmentally beneficial choice because it shares space.

NVOCC is a non-vessel carrier 

For shippers who are erratic or who have a small number of products, this kind of carrier is a typical delivery option. Why is doing business with this carrier profitable? mainly because they offer a greater variety of services and shippers get discounts for large shipments.

Additionally, because they provide you with their bill of lading, NVOCCs are entirely responsible for the shipment of your consignment.


A rollover occurs when cargoes fail to get loaded onto their scheduled ship and then get loaded onto the later ship. Containers might not be loaded into the ship according to the intended schedule for a number of reasons. Those reasons include late cargo delivery to the terminal, overbooking, vessel oversights, and customs issues.

When a rollover occurs, the carrier reschedules shipping containers to the next ship with space or even rolls over other payloads to slot the shipment on a subsequent which is already fully booked.

VOCC (Vessel Operating Common Carrier)

The true owner of container-carrying vessels is a VOCC. Since VOCCs possess their own vessels, they typically don’t interact with smaller entities and instead sell their services directly to customers.

Reputable companies like Maersk, COSCO, APL, and Evergreen are examples of VOCCs. Consider the scenario in which you choose to start an import business. It will be advantageous for you to bargain with VOCC directly and get savings for the shipping of your cargoes if you import a lot of goods.

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