4 Best Destinations for Christmas and New Year Holiday 2022

It is August, middle-end of the year, and you are staring down the calendar wondering when is the next holiday coming up? You found out the next long holiday will be Christmas Eve. Around this month is actually the perfect time to plan for a vacation with family or friends or even alone. Because everyone is busy with their own work, so planning ahead actually won’t hurt. Christmas and New Year are that time of the year where everything gets magical and you can feel the holiday vibes on the air. With that in mind, of course everyone wants it to be special. Now you are trying to find the perfect place for this year long holiday. This article will give you 4 places to visit for this year’s Christmas.

Venice, Italy

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People are usually going to Venice in the summer for the romantic Gondola ride through the canals. Also with all the old and unique building, bright shining sunlight can’t go wrong. But don’t assume summer is the only time to go there. As there are a few other advantages to go there in winter. There are less people there in winter for those who hate crowds. Furthermore, you can feel the unique Christmas atmosphere through the festive road and lights. One of the best reason is because the flight and hotel price usually drops quite a few. A lot of restaurants serve traditional Venetian dishes and excellent local wine for a perfect Christmas dinner.

Budapest, Hungary

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One of the best way to fight winter cold air is to go to the famous Budapest Vorosmarty night market. First of all, it is impossible for you not to feel like it’s Christmas or it’s holiday season right now. Secondly, any hearty food you need to fill up your belly and warm up your body to fight the winter chill. For example Chimney Cake, Goulash Soup, Paprika Potatoes, Mulled Wine, Grilled Sausage, you name it. Next, there are performers on stage and music accompanying smiles and laughter of family and friends. Beside the market, strolling around Budapest will also be a pleasant way to enjoy slow and nice vacation.

Phuket, Thailand

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Snowy winter is not for you? Or you want to try something different this holiday? This one destination might be for you! Phuket, Thailand, has one of the best beaches as the tourists hotspot such as Patong, Kamala, Rawai, and others. Located in Southern part of Thailand, celebrating Christmas with a tropical twist will be a new and exciting experience for you. Even better, for the party people there, the nightlife is awesome and it’s like nothing you ever see before. The night show is colorful and fantastic attraction inspired by their exotic cultures and heritages.

Sapporo, Japan

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Sapporo is the part of Japan where it will be snowing when it comes to Winter season. Majority of Japanese practice Buddhism and Shinto. But, Christmas is a very big and popular holiday there. Night time specifically, you will be amazed by the bright lights famously known as Sapporo White Illumination. The mix of white snow and vibrant lights covering the streets will make it an unforgettable moment. Another unique thing there, they have the German Night Market there for you who wants to try another cuisine. However, it is a must for you to try the local dishes. If you are visiting Japan and want to explore the cuisine there, also check our post about Osaka dubbed as the kitchen of Japan.

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